Belong to Someone… May be thats the way to be!

How blessed you think you are. Great parents, who are your friends, mentors, guide and confidant, great job, amazing friends, comfortable life. And yet the pressing void somewhere in  the center of your being, makes you wonder what is it that you lack. the wonder couples walking hand in hand, the green parks packed with people walking, smiling beside their companion, the child obsessed couples spoiling their young lads with street food and unnecessary indulgent, the elderlies rushing home after a tiring day at work to their families to spend the rest of the evening taking care of them, running errands, buying groceries.

Everything seems as normal as it could be, but yet in this world where every other soul is fighting for their existence, in some way or another, fighting to find their place or making a footing for them and their families in some way or another, i end up feeling lonely and almost alienated, with absolutely no sense of belonging-ness, and in this hard moment of reality you realize that world is what it is and will always be like this, will I never feel belonged here, Why don’t I fight harder to find my place here, Why don’t I fight harder to make my footing too, why there is a feeling of “for what” behind every actions, every goal, every decision and every breathe of mine.

“For what” sometimes changes to “For Whom” but just like the former even this remains unanswered and absolutely frustrating  fact.

I realize since some time now, you might just think I am a hopeless romantic lunatic, but think for once, how the world around you is, and at the end of the day what you want ? is it money, is it success or just the smile of someone whose reasons for smile is you?

I realize now until and unless you have someone to live for, someone who loves you unconditionally, spiritually and hopelessly (not the one “you” love but the one who loves you), until and unless you do not have someone in this world who would spend their life worrying about you, who would “want” to own you, take pride in you, wants to call you a family (not obligation), who wants to see you day in and day out, “want” to be there for you, whose life depends on your moods, whose moods depends on your highs and lows and smiles and frowns, until you have no-one in your life fit the above frame, no mater how far ahead you reach in this world, no matter how successful,no matter how many venerate you, no matter how many matrimony you go through or how many lovely off springs you have, you will in fact always be alone.

Written by – Ritika


One thought on “Belong to Someone… May be thats the way to be!

  1. remembered one line my friend once told me…
    “its where the ‘but’ in the relationship is, that matters…”i love you, but…” or “but, i love you…””

    kuch nahi toh hum dono goa mein majje karenge janeman…tu fikar na kar..main hoon na…

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