Opening Theme – Hope

There’s a tree right outside my building, I am sure I have seen it full grown with green pointed leaves, but a few days back while returning from work the tree stood as ever splashing its beauty to whom so ever who looked at it.

The tree has no leaves not even one, all it had was bunch of branches with light ping flowers all over it, the first word that came across my mind was “Hope”. That tree for me, was a spectacular example of Hope. When you have nothing left, only brown and grey everywhere, nothing to support you nothing to make you feel perfect or good, that’s the time when you hold on to what you have most dearly and wait for the season to change embracing what you have, what you had and eagerly hoping to receive what you wish. just like that tree…

I do not know why I wrote about the tree as my first post for “this: blog (I have two other 🙂 ) but it seems perfect. Because my life has majorly been a journey moving only on “Hope” as I see it..

Hope of the new…
Hope of the better..
Hope for love…
Hope to move ahead..
Hope to fight and win…
Hope to find a place in this world…
Hope to search my world..
Hope to find my word…
Hope to find myself…

Written by – Ritika


One thought on “Opening Theme – Hope

  1. Coz “hope” is the light that shines at the end of the tunnel, and hope is all that Noah had when he set out on his journey…coz Hope is the fuel that runs our world…

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